Stage Management

If you were to walk backstage at any theatrical or concert performance, it would seem slightly chaotic. In one corner, there might be actors/singers rehearsing their lines while tailors and seamstresses sew hems into their costumes at the same time. Backdrops might be whirling right and left while the crew stands near ready to carry furniture onstage for the next scene or backline on for a band.

However, in the center of all of that chaos, the stage manager is a critically important person. The stage manager coordinates all the various aspects of production, from the costumes, sets, and props to actors and rehearsals, so everything runs smoothly. To survive as a stage manager, you need to be organized in every respect, have good interpersonal skills, and possess a keen eye for all the details that need tending to in production.

We at IMG possess all of the qualities needed and desired by any theater or concert producer/promoter to handle the stage management side of any event. Please contact IMG directly to discuss your event.