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Jon Butcher

Jon Butcher’s signature sound features his powerful soul-infused vocals; and his guitar work reflects a skillful mix of Rock and R&B, Funk and Soul, Jazz and Americana, all of it focused through a prism built from the Blues. Jon’s powerhouse live performances with bandmates Chris Martin ( bass), Jeff Keithline (bass), John Anthony (drums), Marty Richards (drums) are electrifying and not surprisingly playing to packed venues everywhere!

2020 is all about Watercolors Movies by Jon Butcher. “We make mini movies, not rock videos for our clients. We bring drama, humor, and beautiful images to a market starved for video content. Whether you’re a musician, an artist, a painter or anyone else with a message to get out give me a shout, I think you’ll dig the experience with a mini-movie everyone‘s watching!”

With a discography of more than 20 LP and CD releases to his credit, international acclaim and great reviews of 2019’s Jon Butcher 360° EP to boot, it should come as no surprise that writer Mike Mettler found Jon and will create the first authorized Jon Butcher biography. In the book Jon tells a uniquely personal and surprising story through the eyes of a Pennsylvania-born, Alaska-raised and guitar-infused black man in America. This will be a must read, more soon!

 Jon’s new album SPECIAL DAY features ten brand new tracks, an explosive exploration into what Jon calls ’Future Blues’. SPECIAL DAY is available online everywhere!
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