Festival Management

The Innovative Management Group, Inc. is an international award-winning full-service event management and production company headquartered in Florida. With over 30 years of producing signature events, our team of professionals builds events from conception to completion.

As one of the premier event management and production companies in the United States, we are intimately familiar with the opportunities and challenges of producing high-impact events.

With over 30 years of experience, IMG will manage every detail, check every light, and test every mic. We are the fixers, doers, and planners who expect the unexpected, demand perfection, and sweat the small stuff.

We specialize in navigating tricky situations, impossible logistics, and high-stakes environments to deliver a seamless product that is always on-message and camera-ready. We believe that our unparalleled attention to detail is what makes IMG one-of-a-kind and keeps our clients coming back year after year.